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Latest Reel


took a short clip from Bioshock2, and replaced all the sounds from scratch. I recorded most of the sounds,  before mangling and sequencing them all in Logic Pro X. When designing this scene I built the sounds as I would do in the game or Wwise, by creating a 3d space and adding ambiences and area loops, before adding the close up sounds.

Other Projects

Space Eel Modulator

I had great fun when I took part in Global Gam Jam this year, I wrote a synthwave track and synthesised all of the sound effects from scratch using just one little soft synth on my spare laptop. You can view the game and play it on itch.io by clicking on the picture above.

Angry Bots

This is my Unity Audio Reel for the game Angry Bots. I know, it’s been done to death but check it out – members of the Game Audio Slack channel have said that this is the most detailed audio re-do of Angry Bots they have ever seen!

I designed, recorded and implemented all the sound effects and interactive music in Unity 3d and Fabric and I’m proud to have received the award of Featured Graduate from the School of Video Game Audio!

1-Bit Clicker Jam!

I took part in 1-Bit Clicker Jam – Met some new people and made some 8-bit sounds. I hadn’t done an online game jam before and this one had a two week submission window so I thought it sounded a bit more relaxed than the usual 48-hour jams that I have done in the past. Click on the picture to hear some of the sounds I made.


My Music